Travel Challenge

Let’s all admit: all of us travelling to Lyon, is not a solution to the current environmental challenges we face.

However, according to the United Nations Sustainable Transport Conference the answer to global transportation challenges is not ‘less transport’, but ‘more sustainable transport’. So, while we try to think of ways to keep the event itself as sustainable as we can, we would like to encourage all of you to join the first ever ‘EWDA Student Sustainable Travel Challenge’!

This is how it works:

  • Rack your brains and think of the most sustainable way you can reach Lyon from your origin (and, since we need creative minds to conquer all the other challenges we are facing too, creativity will be rewarded too).
  • The Facebook group can help you to find other students travelling from the same place.
  • Fulfill your plan and come to Lyon.
  • Along the way, save a visual summary of your trip (e.g. a picture, a poem you write based upon your experiences, the best quote ever or the map you used not to get lost).
  • Upload your ‘summary’, together with a short description and the distance to our website.
  • Wait for others to do the same.
  • Pick your favorite.
  • Remember: not everything on this planet is fair. This competition will be highly subjective. Eternal you-saved-the-planet-a-little-bit will be everyone’s price!
  • In case you get the most votes: receive your price (a suitable gift will be carefully selected by the Student Chapter board).

Check this website to get some inspiration.

Note: the requirements for this challenge are not very high, however, anyone travelling by plane is disqualified.

For those of you who find this challenge a bit too demanding, but still want to travel more sustainably, we will set up a facebook group to help you find travel companions to share rides. More information will follow.