Resolving conflicts between people and animals over space and natural resources is one of the key strategies to ensure the survival of many species all over the world.

Anthropogenic factors, including pollution, increased transfer of pathogens into new areas and landscape modification, affect the health and welfare of animals as well as humans. These issues can hardly ever be tackled by wildlife professionals alone, and require a comprehensive and holistic approach.

We are excited to invite you to our first ‘two-in-one’ event during which the complexity of conservation issues will be addressed and where students will be provided with the tools to navigate through this exciting field! Throughout two days of symposium, internationally renowned scientists from different fields will give keynote presentations and engage in interactive discussions about current issues in human-wildlife conflicts. Professionals from the fields of social sciences, including anthropology and economics, will help participants extend their vision beyond the field of wildlife health. During the symposium, participants will have the opportunity to take part in interactive wildlife necropsies.

After the two-day symposium, the traditionally biennial EWDA student workshop will take place. The workshop aims to provide a selected group of students an interactive platform to further develop scientific and communication skills useful in a future wildlife career. Throughout the three days, different topics will be discussed in small groups, with a strong focus on making the translation from science to society, and the transition from conflict into coexistence.

Whether you want to further explore your interest in a career in wildlife; learn more about current wildlife health challenges from Europe’s most renowned professionals; broaden your perspective on conservation issues; further develop scientific and communication skills; meet some of the coolest students in Europe who share a passion for wildlife; or all of the above:

We look forward to seeing you in Lyon in April!